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Tough Guy Strike Pad
Tough Guy Strike Pad
Tough Guy Strike Pad

Price: £118.80

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Product Code: TOUQ19

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Tough Guy Strike Pad

The Tough Guy Strike Pad will help you bring that extra realism to your training. It will allow you to get that cutting edge and realism into your training that you've always wanted. Perfect for Mixed Martial Arts ground & pound training as well as stand up punching & kicking. The ability to close space, while target head & torso while on the move is great for both skill & heavy workout training. 

For self defence training the Tough Guy Pad is perfect for those full power Pre-emptive strikes and slaps that instructors couldn’t allow their students to practice on each other with the full force and commitment required (not even with quality head guards) can now be taught in safety with the use of this equipment.

The realistic body, shoulder, and head size offer plenty of training opportunities to be developed by you. The Tough Guy Strike Pad will withstand punches, kicks, super scapular blows, the full range of baton strikes.

The strong PVC cover of the pad will accept permanent marker giving you the ability to designate any strike or restricted striking area you want to emphasise in your class.


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