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Yuko Junior Judo Suits
Yuko Junior Judo Suits
Yuko Junior Judo Suits

Price: £40.00

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Junior Size

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The YUKO Judogi range it is made from 100% cotton 480 gram single weave with a woven skirt, the trousers have reinforcement patches on the knee. The Yuko is great suit for junior competitors; it has really great tailoring the collar thickness is 4cm for sizes 120 to 150 and a 5cm collar for 160 cm to 200cm. It is available in both white and blue options, The Yuko comes as a plain suit with no shoulder logos. The Yuko is suitable for all juniors including competition, and all seniors for training & coaching. The trousers are all tie cord fitting, only the white suits are supplied with a belt.

Benefits of a “YUKO” suit.
1) medium weight for children’s &  youth competitions, good senior recreational suit, many instructors who prefer a lighter feel suit for teaching select this kit, good reinforcements
2) both blue and white suit options 
3) size 120cm to 200cm 
4) easy & quick to wash & dry
5) great tailored fitting, giving the appearance of broad shoulder & slim waist, the skirt is not as long as some kits on the market and tends to look a better fit
6) pre bleached and bright white



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