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Blue Ippon Junior Judo Suits
Blue Ippon Junior Judo Suits
Blue Ippon Junior Judo Suits

Price: £120.70

Product Options:
Junior Size
Suit Fitting

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Product Code: BLU28

Product Information


The IPPON; is the signature suit of Essimo, it is truly a fantastic Judogi that can hold its own with any other brand. 930 gram double weave, (which is the maximum weight of material allowed by the IJF rules) this competition quality kit is available in bleached white or blue. On the inside of the kit, the cotton fabric is brush finished to give a soft comfortable feel against the skin. The back of the jacket has a 3cm back plate or joint running from the collar to the waist, this is in keeping with the trend in quality kits to reduce the amount of grip offered to an opponent when taking a deep back grip. The skirt is a double weave diamond pattern Judo material. With an enormous amount of reinforcement at the “V” section on the side skirt. 
The Ippon is available in half sizes as well as full sizes, and there is also a “slim fit” option. The sleeves are within regulations for distance between wrist and cuff but are not over baggy it could be said they are perfect and just on the limit for the rules. On the left shoulder the Essimo logo is embroidered in to the jacket in black thread with the distinctive “i” highlighted in red. 
The skirt of the jacket is not to long, most contest player like a shorter bottom half of the jacket. The trousers are double reinforced right throughout the front from, the mid thigh section through to the ankle. They are a comfortable cut and are tailored in from the thigh to the ankle ensuring that there is no spare or baggy cloth around the leg, most other Judo trousers are a parallel cut and make for excess material on the leg. The Ippon is available in white and blue. It is supplied without a belt.

Benefits of the “IPPON” suit.
1) heavy weight kit for, youth, women’s & senior competitions, & serious recreational player & coaches.
2) size 150cm to 210cm.
3) available in half size’s
4) available in Blue and white
5) available in regular & slim fit
6) coloured embroidered logo on the shoulder at no extra cost
7) great tailored fitting, giving the appearance of broad shoulder & slim waist, the skirt is not as long as some kits on the market and tends to look a better fit, trousers & cuffs are not baggy
8) pre bleached
9) Brushed interior finish
10) two piece back seam
11) Reinforced trousers from thigh to ankle



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