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Grey Essimo Jogging Suit
Grey Essimo Jogging Suit
Grey Essimo Jogging Suit

Price: £94.90

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Adult Size

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Product Information

This jogging suit is fantastic! It is made from 65/35 LSF Low Shrinkage Fabric fleece.


The hood has the Essimo logo printed on the back. When wearing the hoodie you will see the Essimo logo on the back of the hood. The pants have long navy-colored zippers on the side so you can easily put them on and off. On the right side of the pants is also a large navy zipper that runs over the entire thigh. In this sidepocket there is a smaller pocket for your cell phone. 

Pay attention! Tailored model




- Made from 65/35 Low Shrinkage Fabric fleece 
- Sits very comfortably 
- Tailored model 
- High quality 
- Available in sizes XS to XL

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