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Nage Komi Wall Mat
Nage Komi Wall Mat
Nage Komi Wall Mat

Price: £312.00

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Product Information

Nage Komi Wall Mat

This is amazing ! Nage Komi commitment and shape without having to climb off the floor every time ! They bounce off the mat ready to go again !
Train smarter, stack up thousands of extra full commitment Nage Komi reps without your partner continually hitting the mat, this amazing piece of kit is a true breakthrough in judo practice. Forward, back, and even Uranage style throws are all possible without wasting valuable training time.
The mat has been designed by Ultimat Defence and the world renowned Neil Adams 8thDan, its unique catching angle and blend of materials make it a "no brainer" for clubs and athletes that want to realise their true potential.


  • Tsukuri (turning movement)
  • Commitment
  • Power
  • Rhythm
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Timing
  • Fitness

Are you ready for full on Nage Komi commitment?

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