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Tokyo Judo Suit
Tokyo Judo Suit
Tokyo Judo Suit

Price: £19.99

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Junior Size

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Product Information


Product Information


The Tokyo student Judo suit made from the finest quality bleached white interlocking single weave Judo material,

100% cotton fibre. Smart comfortable and perfect for the dedicated Judo student.

The cut of the Toyko is fantastic and looks great, featuring double reinforcement in all the key places. Smart, competition compliant logos on the shoulder and trousers.

The durable Judo pants come with the traditional tie waist.

They have double reinforcement on the knee area.

This is our most popular suit for instructors and parents kiting out their rising Judoka and comes complete with white belt.
Instructors & club secretaries ask about our club discounts & offers.


Size Chart
European                               US                           Height                     Approx Age
CM sizing                               sizing                      ft & in

120                                           00                            4ft                            6-7 years
130                                            0                             4ft 3ins                    7-8yrs
140                                            1                             4ft 7ins                    8-9yrs
150                                            2                             4ft 11ins                  10-11yrs

Ages and sizes are meant as a guide only.

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